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June 11, 2016
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April 14, 2017

Orangutan Tanjung PutingWelcome to the town of Pangkalan Bun, Kotawaringin West, Central Kalimantan Orangutan World Capital.

We are gathered here to learn about orangutans and other endangered species in order to help them survive in the wild. I am very proud that APP has given credence to the OFI to provide training to the management of APP so as to achieve the goal not to harm or kill any endangered species as listed in it. “Zero tolerance Policy On Harming Endangered Animal”. In our visit to East Kalimantan few months ago in the work area APP. I was impressed there are two cars to rescue orangutans are already operating there.

Central Kalimantan in blessed with the presence of wild populations in the world. More than half the world’s population of wild orangutans found in Central Kalimantan. Orangutan almost identical to humans because 97% genetically resemble humans.

The forest is a sacred place where human beings are born as a species. Then we as humans leave the forest is left far behind. we create cities and large open areas, but there is still something in us, something in our spirits incomplete without the presence of trees and forests. At the end of it we re-create a small forest and wooded land in the garden or in the front yard of our house. We go back to the jungle and the desert to spiritual renewal. But for the orangutans, the forest is life itself. Without forests, orangutans can not survive.

However, most of the forests where orangutans live in Borneo, is outside of National Parks and other protected areas. We must protect the forests where orangutans were found there, including the forest near or inside plantations indurtri.

Industrial forests is the work of man and not nature. Industrial forests not exist in nature. Nature makes all native forests and all living creatures in the world. When we protect the bears, orangutans, leopards and animal species are protected along with forests as their habitat.

Taken from the speech : Prof DR. Birute Mary Galdikas
Pangkalan Bun, 24 Juli 2012

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